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Your decision to consider entering into therapy or coaching can be seen as a window of opportunity opening for you...a chance to explore new possibilities and develop deeper capacities. You will make new discoveries about what you want in life and what might be holding you back from having that kind of life. I would be honored to accompany you on this journey, and please know that this process you will be embarking on can be interesting and joyful even thought it is sometimes challenging! When we work together, I am always holding the difficult times along with you...you don't have to traverse this path alone. Here are some of the many reasons that people decide to seek the support of a therapist or coach: No matter what the issue, it is always beneficial to share your process with someone who has developed a map of the territory that you are trying to understand. As we become more and more a global culture and exchange our various maps, we evolve toward greater freedom of choice as well as awareness in our lives. Therapy can be a way to quicken that process and can lead us to a much more satisfying, abundant life. If you have any questions after looking through my website, feel free to call me at (707)529-3030 for a complementary 15 minute consultation, and thank you for stopping by...may you always feel supported in your journey.

- Dr. Plumb

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Dr. Lucas Plumb