Dr. Lucas Plumb
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Dr. Plumb

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I have practiced for 15 years as a psycho-therapist/transitions coach and every year, it seems more rewarding and fascinating. I feel so very fortunate and honored to be able to accompany my clients on their unique journeys. Before I returned to graduate school in 1997 to get my Ph.D. and become a licensed psychologist, I was an architect doing commercial, civic, educational, and residential projects. I still have a small architecture practice because I just love the process of design. When I ponder it, therapy is a way of working with my clients as they design their lives, so the two professions aren't actually so very different! I believe that my experience as an architect really helps my clients navigate their life journey in many important ways. It also helps me stay grounded in the business world.

I am generally passionate about fitness and keeping the body as healthy as possible...both for myself and my clients. Bicycling is my PMT (primary mode of transportation) within the cities of Santa Rosa and San Rafael (where I have my second office). If my clients want that kind of support, I help them focus on nutrition and exercise as a way of having the best quality of life possible. I am also very interested in the philosophical underpinnings of quantum physics and was fortunate enough to combine that with my love of travel by organizing a trip to India for 25 people who wanted to learn about the connection between science and spirituality. Quantum theory is such an ideal way for the western mind to resolve spiritual issues and questions, and I find it fascinating that most of the early quantum researchers developed a strong mystical perspective.

Two years ago, I finished building my own office in Santa Rosa (see below). I designed it to be a live/work space and to include all the things I had ever wanted in a therapeutic environment...a fire place, plenty of light, a roof deck/garden up above, and enough room to hold groups of 10 participants. I want my office to feel safe, home-like, comfortable...and above all to support the work my clients are doing. I invite you to come visit and experience it for yourself.

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